The Textile Institute

"The Worldwide Organization for Textiles including Clothing and Footwear"

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The Textile Institute

The Organization and Goals of the Textile Institute Constitution and Scope

The mission of The Textile Institute is to promote professionalism in all areas associated with the textile industries worldwide. It is an association of men and women throughout the world which unites those with an interest in textiles. The individual professional expertise of members is diverse: it includes management, art, design, fashion, economics, science, engineering, research, production, marketing, selling, retailing, education and training. These skills relate to the totality of industrial and commercial operations from fibre production to the use of products by individual and corporate consumers. The word "textile", which originally referred to woven fabrics, now covers the broad field of products made from fibres.

The scope of The Textile Institute covers all the textile industries which include: fibre, yarn and fabric manufacturing; dyeing and finishing; production of knitwear and making-up of clothing; footwear production; manufacture of carpets, soft furnishings and other household textiles; manufacture of textile products used in engineering, agriculture, medicine and other fields; and the distribution and retailing of textile products to personal and commercial markets.

The Textile Institute is an international organization governed by a Council representing members throughout the world. It is legally constituted by a Royal Charter, granted in Britain in 1925 and is registered as a charity in England; the Institute is recognized as a non-profit association under the laws of many countries. More detailed direction of the Institutes affairs is carried out by an international Board, supported by Committees, all of which have a global membership, and by staff at the International Headquarters in Manchester.