About Conference

The Global Academic Research Institute (GARI) proudly present International Conference on Election and Democracy under the theme of "Develop and Protect Humanity".

Elections are of utmost importance in any Democratic country. It is the central institution of democratic representative governments. The principal mechanism for translating that consent into governmental authority is the holding of free and fair elections. As we all know, democracy is defined as a government of the people, for the people and by the people. All modern democracies hold elections, but not all elections are democratic. Right-wing dictatorships, Marxist regimes, and single-party governments also stage elections to give their rule the aura of legitimacy. Other elections may offer genuine choices--but only within the incumbent party. Elections are important because the people participate in elections to choose their representatives. They should have the necessary education and wisdom to elect only the right kind of people. As it happens in many democracies, the impostors and swindlers take advantage of the poverty and ignorance of the people and contest elections to cash in on the gullibility of them. There are two main types of electoral systems: proportional (seats are apportioned according to the percentage of the vote) and direct (elections are conducted by a majority or plurality vote). But there are many variations on these systems, and some countries even use both systems for their elections. For democracy to work, everyone must agree to accept the results of freely held elections. The people and parties, who have lost power, or those who failed to gain it, must be willing to accept defeat. If the loser refuses to accept the winner, the election's legitimacy is diminished and the political system may be marked by conflict and instability. A key test for a democracy is the successful and peaceful transfer of power from one party to another. Election plays a major role in any democratic country. Researchers and Experts who’re in this subject need to be updated in every moment. It’s important to share knowledge with others about policies and methods of Election. For that they need a plat form to share their knowledge. So this is the ideal time to express your views and ideas on how your country acts on this topic. We could say we have created a golden opportunity for those people to expose their knowledge through this conference. Why do you participate?

  • To present your research findings, ideas, innovations to others & it will help you to improve your image among industry leaders.
  • To know about the industry trends, industry current situation & changes happening in the industry & through that participant will be able to confront the problems in better way.
  • To maintain sound business connection with industry people this will lead to maintain good image.
  • To enhance knowledge level through the ideas, findings, experience of others & participant will be able to upgrade their position in industry.
  • To contribute to the knowledge level of Election and Democracy and related areas.